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Sell with messenger in Australia

As a network that currently has over 1.3 billion active user

As a network that currently has over 1.3 billion active users, Facebook Messenger is one of the best bets for any business owner that is looking to increase their sales. When there is a platform that has so many active users, as a business owner you need to take this to your advantage and move consumers through the sales funnel in order to boost your sales. Now, Facebook Messenger has finally introduced the ability for users to sell and buy products directly through the app itself, however a lot of business owners seem to be struggling with how to tap into all of the possibilities in a successful way. Today we are going to be taking a closer look at how to sell with Messenger in Australia, so keep reading so that you can implement the steps yourself.

Set up the Chatbot

The very first step that you need to take when you want to sell with the help of Messenger is to set up the chatbot. Setting it up is not really a problem, and what you need to keep in mind has more to do with other factors. The first thing that you need to be mindful is that you should use very simple language that doesn’t have a lot of technical jargon or terms that may be more difficult to understand. Another thing that you should do is use guided responses since open-ended questions can be incredibly difficult to properly program because there are way too many potential customers responses and at some point it just gets too much to prepare for. You should also always have an option where you offer the customers the ability to speak to a real person because the last thing you want to do is leave them frustrated when there is an unresolved issue and this is an option that will definitely help out with that.

Link the app to your Shopify ecommerce store

Once you have the chatbot part of the problem down, it is time to move on to the next step that will help you sell with Messenger in Australia, and that is to link the app to your Shopify ecommerce store. This is a key step because without the product updates or price changes that you have made on Shopify will not be reflected on Messenger and that is definitely the kind of crucial information that you need to have. There are three different ways that you can use in order to integrate Messenger to your Shopify ecommerce store. The first one is to add the Messenger sales channel directly to your store, the second it to add a Facebook live chat option to your Shopify ecommerce and the third is to add a “Buy Now” button to the messenger bot. All three are good options and it will all come down to which one you personally like the most for your business.

Link the app to your Shopify ecommerce store
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Use the Messenger chatbots in order to prevent cart abandonment and increase sales

Most of the sales that business owners lose are the ones where customers abandon their shopping cart on your Shopify ecommerce website and then completely forget about it. One of the ways in which Messenger can really help you boost your sales is by giving you the option to have it send out messages directly to the social media platforms of any customers that have abandoned their carts. This is a full proof way that you will definitely get an increase in sales and it is absolutely something that you need to try out because the results are almost immediate.

As you can see, selling with Facebook Messenger is not at all complicated and all you have to do is take care of the things that we mentioned in this article. Not only will you be able to sell with Messenger, you can see that it will help you reduce your lost sales and boost your sales overall. We absolutely think that this is a great strategy for your business in Australia, so make sure to implement it.


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