How to monetize your blog or website?

How to monetize your blog or website?

There is a point where every blog owner or website owner will ask themselves one important question – how to monetize your blog or website. This is quite logical because there’s a huge potential for earning money from blogs and it would be foolish not to take this potential into account. Generally speaking, you can monetize your website or blog directly or indirectly. Each of these specific ways of making money from a blog comes with different options.

There are many people that are interested in using some of these tools and activities to start making money from their new blog. However, patience is crucial here because monetizing a blog or website is not something that comes overnight. You can easily find a website builder that can help you create a website in a matter of minutes. But, making money from your blog is a process that requires time. Only a few lucky blog owners can expect profit in the first 30 days. The others usually have to wait for a few months before they notice relatively steady income.

Let’s not forget that blogging can help people get passive income all the time. However, passive income is usually not enough and if you decide to use just this method, you will miss many other opportunities to earn money online. What we are trying to say is that you can’t create a blog, add content and leave the blog like that for many months and expect to earn a decent amount of money. On the contrary, if you want a stable, high income, you have to update your blog and/or website all the time. You must add content that is relevant and attractive. Now let’s check some of the most commonly used methods of monetization of blogs and websites.


You can let other businesses and sites advertise their offer through your website with the help of hyperlinks, banners, and other tools.

Paid reviews

You can also create reviews based on the products you’ve used and you can get paid by the developers of these products. If you are good when it comes to writing then you should take this option into consideration.

Affiliate marketing

Another popular method of blog monetization is affiliate marketing where you are promoting other people’s goods and when someone buys these products thanks to your promos, you will get a commission.

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