Monetize your blog or website: a basic guide

Monetize your blog or website: a basic guide

It turns out that it’s not difficult to monetize your blog or website today. As a matter of fact, there is a wide array of methods that you can use to achieve this goal. Many people are aware that a tool like Google AdSense can be helpful in a situation like this, but the best part is that you can choose other efficient methods too.

In case you are running a relatively popular blog or site that has hundreds of daily visitors, you can always try offering banners to other sites/businesses. It’s a very popular method of monetization that can bring you a lot of money without much effort. Remember that by using this method, there’s no middle man involved which means that you will get all the money from the banner ads for yourself, but you will also have to make and manage the deals on your own. But, there’s a solution for the last “issue” too. Namely, you can use some of the many advertising networks that can find advertisers for you.

We should also mention that promoting a product from other people can be lucrative too. In cases like this, your job is to promote products on your website and a buy button or a hyperlink to another website where the sales process is finished. If you manage to get buyers to the website that is using your services, you will get a commission for that. You can make deals like this directly with other websites and businesses, but you can also use affiliate programs that work with dozens of businesses looking for a promotion like Commission Junction and ClickBank.

For more than a decade now, many blog owners and website owners have been using widgets as a method of monetization. Use your sidebar to add widgets where visitors can find trendy products. Just like in the case of affiliate products, there are many specialized websites where you can find this type of widgets.

Another option you have as a blog owner is to write sponsored reviews. This is a simple procedure where you test a product, write a detailed review about it and get paid for the buyers you bring to the original website or get paid just for the review.

We hope that this blog post will help you understand the monetization potential that popular blogs and websites have.

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